The Unique Building Service With A Visible Difference
Commercial Building Service is the only building service company in the Triangle area that specializes in prestige cleaning. Prestige cleaning is a superior standard of cleaning that will stimulate compliments about your building's cleanliness from tenants, visitors, and employees. A successful cost control program enables us to offer this superior level of service at a reasonable rate.

Commercial Building Service's primary goal is: Client retention because cleaning contractor turnover, like employee turnover, is costly and inefficient. This goal is in sharp contrast to the 80% annual contract turnover rate in the industry.

Why Contract For Building Services?

As a building owner or manager you have two possible alternatives when considering the cleaning of your building - you can hire your own cleaning staff or contract for those services.


In choosing between these alternatives, consider the time element involved. Does building maintenance merit your time and thought or is your time better spent on the many other matters that require your attention?

Cleaning represents one-fourth to one-third or more of the operating cost of an office building and is a highly specialized field, best performed by professionals able to get the job done as efficiently and economically as modern technology will allow. Cleaning should be set apart from your more profitable and professional operations. But cleaning is not the only task we can handle; if it needs doing, we can do it for you and save you aggravation, time and money. The list below and the pages of this website describe many of the services we provide.

Not Only Can We Clean Your Building But We Offer Many More Services Including:

Carpet, vinyl, Ceramic Tile Installation Power Washing
Wood and Laminate Flooring Masonry-Brick, Stone, Block Installation
Kitchen Cabinets Fence Installation and Repair
Counter Tops Plant and Shrub Installation
Sinks and Faucets Landscape Maintenance Of All Types
Interior and Exterior Doors French Drains
Water Heaters Roof Repair
Vinyl Replacement Windows Debris And Trash Hauling
Security and Surveillance Systems Pot Hole Repair
Painting Demolition
Hang and Adjust Doors Moving
    Snow And Ice Removal
  We now offer a service to our commercial property owners and business owners. We can change bulbs in your parking lots or other hard to reach sites outside of your building with our new 'bucket truck service'. Please call for a price quote or let us bid on your job.  

Let Us Bid On Your Unusual Service Needs

Please take a moment to view the features of our website and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. We look forward to serving your facility support requirements.